The Future of Church Fundraising!

Our Mission

We use technology to help churches create the
funding they need for programs that inspire student growth and involvement.


Fundraising is an honorable act, and sometimes people forget that. Small gestures of kindness can get overlooked in the noise of daily living. Good deeds like pitching change into a church fund or sending extra church supplies get taken for granted. Often the default assumption is that things are taken care of.

Fundraiser participants — whether organizing, contributing, or engaging with the public — know of a need and get involved looking to give a boost to the lives of others. The funds, time, and labor invested get repaid with positive change. It’s a change that carries outward into the larger world.

Fundraisers are notorious for being labor-intensive undertakings. That got us to thinking. What if we made it less complicated from A to Z for churches and their supporters to meet their fundraising goals?

Our approach is like no other fundraising program ever created before.

Help Your Church has set out to develop something to give churches the chance to level up their fundraising over and over with less hassle — and far less time invested. Our founders have poured countless hours and resources into building useful, usable programs and tools.

We’re excited to share what we’ve come up with. It’s unique and empowers churches with the support, knowledge, and technology needed to be successful.

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