The Future of Church Fundraising!

Perpetual Revenue

Help Your Church fundraisers create ongoing, reliable income for your clubs and programs with less effort on your part.


The average fundraising program is a one-off project that’s labor-intensive for your church.

  • You contact the fundraising company
  • A rep gets in touch to discuss your needs
  • They set you up with the same program as everyone else
  • You receive marketing materials and order forms
  • You go door to door, taking orders and collecting funds
  • You tally the orders and turn them in to the company
  • They send a bulk shipment
  • You sort and deliver the orders
  • You close out the fundraiser

… and that’s if things go off without a hitch. What if there’s a discrepancy in the funds or a problem with the goods? You also have to handle all that.

Certain fundraisers call for particular skills, knowledge, or experience to get them set up and keep them running. It often requires financial resources for some programs to even get off the ground.

The finite nature of the average fundraising program means that every time you need to raise money, you’ll go through this process all over again. And face it, stirring engagement is hard: Fundraising is often a pain for you, your students, and their parents.

Well, not anymore.

Help Your Church can change all that for you

With Help Your Church, you can establish a low-maintenance, multi-stream, ongoing fundraiser for your church and sidestep all the hassle that comes with the usual fundraiser model. There’s nothing to buy, count, sort, or track.

Better still, it doesn’t cost your church a dime to get started.

If you’re ready now, it’s as easy as registering with Help Your Church here. If you want to hear more about how we help you stage a better fundraiser, read on.

The Help Your Church fundraising platform runs around the clock, 365 days a year.
Perpetual revenue is within reach with this set-it-and-forget-it program.

21st Century fundraising

Help Your Church believes that your team of volunteers should be able to focus on the avenues of most significant impact:

  • Getting the fundraiser out into the community at large
  • Stirring interest in/gaining traction for the fundraiser
  • Putting fundraising proceeds toward realizing a goal

So, we implemented specific things to help you hit those success markers. The whole Help Your Church team is skilled in doing all the little things that make a fundraiser work from start to finish, and we do them well.

We’re ready to provide your church with the best possible variety of tools, technology, and means of support for fundraising. We’ve got sophisticated automated systems in place to take care of the tedium and keep things running smoothly. Volunteers don’t have to do things like receive and sort bulk shipments, package deliveries, or collect money and issue receipts. (They don’t really want to do those things, but they’re too polite to say so.)

With all those tasks off their plates, the people who help you can put more time toward getting the word out about your fundraising program. Greater awareness equals more money, faster.

And with the Help Your Church platform, your program gets the
backing of seasoned professionals, volunteers, and philanthropists.

How we’ll support you

Teamwork is of vital importance to us, and we’re here to serve alongside you. Help Your Church offers the following support for all fundraisers:

  • A no-cost church fundraising portal, customizable with your church logo and colors. Your portal contains all elements of the HYC fundraising system.
  • Fundraising portal setup, maintenance, and support, to make sure your fundraiser is available to church supporters 24 / 7 / 365. We maintain all product inventory, pricing, and updates.
  • End-to-end handling of every order received through your portal. HYC collects payment from customers, issues receipts, ships and tracks every order, and tallies your share of each transaction. Easy-peasy.
  • Efficient management of all funds means we make sure you receive your proceeds promptly.
  • Free promotional materials and instruction to help you get the word out about your fundraising efforts, to include

       email templates
       printable brochures and flyers
       web banners and badges

  • A local support representative backed by our full team of remote support experts because we understand that a new program can be intimidating. If you need help, you shouldn’t be left to flail, having to figure things out on your own.

If we sound like the kind of people you want to work
with, you can register here to get started.

Perpetual fundraising made simple.